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Set in the rolling hills of the English countryside, Philophobia is a picture of small town adolescence. One week of school remains for Kai, an aspiring writer, and his friends. How they choose to spend this time will cost one of them their life and leave them all changed forever.


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Director, Writer

Guy Davies


Toby Cook

Matt Cook

Guy Davies


Matthew Brawley


Drama | Coming-of-age

Key Cast

Joshua Glenister

Kim Spearman

Harry Lloyd (Theory of Everything)

James Faulkner (Game of Thrones)

Jack Gouldborne

Alexandar Lincoln

Charlie Frances

Kate Isitt

Guy Davies

From the director:

Hi! I'm Guy, a 20 something film director from the UK.

I've always loved movies and making them. It started with a passion for acting when I was a kid. I did a few films and commercials before the age of 13 and quickly developed a fascination with the camera. It was massive and cool. Everything changed when I got my first video camera; I dropped acting and started shooting skate videos and short with my friends. At 15 I decided I wanted to be a cinematographer and put all my energy into that career path. I started working as a runner using my contacts from acting and progressed into the lighting department where I worked as a spark on and off for a couple years around my school work.

At 18 I moved to New York, funded by a tuition grant from director Brett Ratner, to study a Cinematography masters. During my time in NYC I immersed myself in all things film, met wonderful people and developed hugely as a filmmaker. I also knew that although I loved to shoot, I wanted to direct someday. I came back to the UK and made a career in the camera department, working my way up to become a Focus Puller mainly on features and commercials. Meanwhile I started directing on the side until I felt the time was right to stop focus pulling and pivot. I founded international production company Zebrafish Media with my school friend and writing partner Matthew Brawley. This marked the start of my directing career.

To date I have directed 4 award winning short films that have screened at several Oscar qualifying festivals worldwide as well as directing many commercials and music videos. In 2017 aged 25, I embarked on directing my first feature film Philophobia. And that takes us up till now. In the future I hope to keep telling stories and making movies.

Guy on the set of Philophobia. Photos by Ravi Doubleday